T-Bone Steaks


If you are searching for the best of both worlds then look no further. Half fillet steak and half sirloin steak separated by bone, what more could you want?

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Certainly they are more popular across the pond than here in the UK, we are often asked ‘where can I buy a T-Bone steak in the UK?’. The answer, is right here! Let our highly skilled butchers prepare your T-Bone steak to your selected size, and have it delivered to your door just in time for steak night!

What is a T-Bone steak?

In a T-Bone steak, you truly get the best of both worlds. Have you ever face the dilemma of choosing between sirloin or fillet steak? Well you can put that to an end by selecting Grants T-Bone steak. A mammoth meal, you get a fillet and a sirloin steak separated by a bone. What more could you want?

Order your T-Bone steaks today and enjoy the best of both worlds.