How do you make Haggis, and what is in it?

How do you make haggis? A question, as a producer of Scotland’s national dish, that we have been asked countless times over the years, this is one we always approach with a level of hesitance. Why? Firstly, and most importantly, we like to be careful to never give up our family recipe that easily. Secondly, it’s not really something you can make in the average kitchen on your day off. Making haggis is a craft that is perfected over decades, if not centuries. All that being said, that does not mean we can tell you about our process, so here goes…

What is in haggis?

One of the big put-offs for those trying haggis for the first time, is the rumours you hear of what actually goes into the product. To set the record straight, it’s lamb offal that we use; lungs and heart. It’s mixed with onions, oatmeal, suet (fat), and seasoning to create our Scottish delicacy.

How do you make the Haggis?

Now that you know what’s in it, we can tell you about how we make our Haggis, in six simple steps.

  1. Mince: We add the lamb offal described above and onions to our mincing machine, and mince them together.
  2. Cook: The lamb and onion mix mixture is then cooked to a minimum of 75 degrees.
  3. Mix: We mix the lamb and onion mixture with suet, oatmeal and our secret seasoning blend.
  4. Fill: Our haggis is then added to our casings. These can be both synthetic or natural depending on the customer’s choice, and can come in all sorts of required sizes.
  5. Cook Again: The whole product is then cooked again to reach a temperature of over 82 degrees.
  6. Refrigerate: Finally, our haggis is refrigerated, and waiting for your order.

And that’s it. Not as difficult as you might have thought? It’s our art though, and getting the consistency and flavour balance as good as Grants of Speyside takes hundreds of years of perfection.

Now next time someone visiting asks “How do you make haggis?”, you’ll have the answer! Try our haggis and guess if you can work out the seasoning! You can shop it here.

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Grants of Speyside Haggis in Natural Casing

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