Traditional Scottish Black Pudding


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Grants of Speyside Black Pudding

Our traditional Scottish Black Pudding recipe has been part of our family for over 190 years. We’ve never changed it and never will, and that’s why even though we’ve changed our name to Grants of Speyside, when we get asked, “Is that Grants of Dornoch?” Proudly, our answer is always yes. Current Managing Director Stuart Grant, still creates the same product invented by his Great-Great Grandmother in the Royal Burgh of Dornoch in the Scottish Highlands. Today we make our Black Pudding in Grantown-on-Spey. Our production facility allows us to manage a huge demand from restaurants, deli shops, cafes and larger supermarkets.

Black Pudding, an Unexpected Superfood

In early 2016 news quickly spread that black pudding holds the super food qualities of kale, chia and the rest of the group; it wasn’t really news to us. We’ve always thought our Black Pudding as a superfood, we are confident our smooth texture and superior flavour will convert anyone that comes to us asking if ours is from (cough cough) Stornoway.  We like to think of ours as the best available. Twice as good, half the price. We take great pride in exhibiting at trade shows, converting thousands as we go thanks to our free samples.

Size Options

Our Black Pudding is available in three sizes. How much you order depends on how many you are feeding and on how hungry you are.  Chose from a pack of two 140g sticks, 454g stick or a 1.3kg stick.  You can freeze our product, and we’d always recommended slicing it before you do so, and them defrost as you need to use it.


Be sure to check out out recipe book for some new ideas on how to cook your new favourite pudding! Always cook the product thoroughly, so that is is piping hot in the middle.